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We got an opportunity to get a soil testing for the property. Our aim is to create a permaculture. Kebba is taking the soil samples and they will be analysed in Germany. This is thanks to my brother Ferdinand who has introduced this as a project in his school. Link to school: 






Sina went for a seminar here in Wuppertal, where a permaculture tool called "Keyhole Garden" was presented.It was very interesting. 











We welcome our first resident to Na Mobay!












Kebba is at the post office and is sending the Soil Samples. They told him it will take two weeks to reach Germany. 




This a comment from Ferdinand Reinhoff


As my sister approached me and asked me if I could help her with some agricultural questions I didnt realised that I would be involved in long term project.

The more I get to know Na Mobay and its vision I was beginning to become excited and a bit doubtful. I became doubtful because I didnt understand the financing of such a project. The costs to build Na Mobay and the maintenance cost were not a major part of the planning. The project was designed to give everything for free without profit. 


But the more I got involved and hade interaction with our local partners I realised the higher purpose of the project. The aim is not to get the highest profit but to create something. To help a country that was suffering from injustice from a dictator and to create a paradise from nothing. The condition of the country is inhumane and the people have learned to accept this. They need fresh ideas and opportunities which questions the system and lay the path for a greater future. 


I always dreamt of a project like this and now it has come a reality and I can be part of it. I believe through education and structure change Gambia can gain economic stability.


My Name is Sina Sefouh and I am 38-year-old woman and discovered a truth. LOVE is everything. It is the net of our existence and surrounds us. LOVE is everything. I think LOVE has many names. In all parts of the world LOVE has a different name. God, Allah, Energy, Matrix etc., but all it is the same. I encountered many different cultures but everywhere was this dominant search for LOVE, Peace and understanding.


As I discovered LOVE for myself and saw its power a lot changed in my life.


1)  The understanding for a holistic health. Physical health, mental health and spiritual health are all connected.


2) LOVE for nature. There are so many lessons one can learn from nature.


3) The desire to help people which was not on my agenda bevor.


Sadly, all of us together managed to place LOVE as second or sometimes even last. We have created a reality where we switched BEAUTIFUL, IMPORTANT THINGS and UNKOMLICATED into UGLY, USELESS and KOMPLICATED.I feel that this can change. It has to be done.


I looked for my personal purpose in life and 2017 in Gambia I found it. I want to create a place where LOVE is the main player. I see where all kind of different people come to see, feel and experience LOVE and believe the power it has.


The final decision to go forward was when I met Sana Kanyi. He took my hand, looked into my eyes and said with passion:  YOU HAVE TO COME BACK AND DO THE PROJECT.


The story of Sana: We met in Gambia and he is law student. But he has a sickness in his body. It has something to do with his rips. His body decided not to grow as desired so Sana is in a lot of physical pain. Therefor his mental and spiritual condition is sad and stressed. The poor financial situation doesnt help either.


So, the question arose how else I could help SANA. What if Sanas body could get enough clean water, a vast variety of healthy food, peace in a relaxing surrounding in nature. And time and resources to regain his mental and spiritual health. And this place is full of LOVE (which can do anything).


Some people call this a utopia. Such are dreams. Yes, it will remain a dream if nobody starts. Therefore, I am calling on everybody who has a similar vision, who could imagine such or it just feels right, to join us, help us an do NA Mobay (all of us together).

Sanna Kanyi