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Na Mobay is a spiritual- social – ecological learning Centre in Gambia / Africa with the focus on collecting, joining, developing and sharing of all different and alternative knowledge and to create and assist projects that have their focus on self- help and cultural validation.


We want to contribute by bringing new and different kind of information to our families, friends, neighbours and the world. We are aware that this process is a gradual one, which only can be accomplished by slow, patience and gentle changing of the existing structural condition.  


Na Mobay is a centre where people can gather to reflect, rethink, and reconstitute our human way of becoming a healing presence on this Planet we call Home.


Na Mobay is a Mandinka phrase (one of the local languages) and means “All of us Together”. This is the main motto which is accompany the project.


The Vision behind Na Mobay is not unique but is a try to join the global vibe of the time. Today one cannot only find the subject “Biology”- but to get the entire picture there is a symbiosis between Biology, Geography and Chemistry.

Na Mobay has also single concepts like “Permaculture”, “Self-Help”, “Education” and “Health”. But here also, to understand the entire picture we want to make a symbiosis of all subjects. To vision a project like this one must think outside the box.  We want to rediscover and re animated old values and knowledge which is seeded deep inside every human. To do this, knowledge of the entire system is necessary. So, Na Mobay shall be place where all the pieces come together. Where ideas can be tested, created, written down, discussed, etc.


The Principle behind everything is LOVE and Free Will. Our definition of Free Will is that everybody can do what they desire and don’t have to do anything if they don’t.


Everybody is welcome to participate here without any ties, whether they are financially, politically, religiously, emotional, etc. The aim is not to get the highest profit but to create something.


The only rule is the rule of Love and everybody is welcome to give a gift of sharing knowledge, love and themselves, etc.


The principles of love are:


  •          Treat other as you would like to be treated
  •          Take just as much as you need
  •          Live in your desires


This concept doesn´t include any profit of money


ALL resources, knowledge, wisdom and divine overstanding given to Na Mobay will be distributed to the well being of the people in Africa and everybody around in the World