We want to have our own clean water. Gambia has own groundwater that is reach by digging a well.


The aim is to build a professional well with a natural filter system to provide clean water to the entire property.


Water and Health


The majority of the urban living people are depended on tap water 


Many Gambians are suffering from stomachaches. Clean water could reduce it.


We want to be part of finding an affordable solution for every household. 

Water and Agriculture


Around 15-20% of the farmers in Gambia us a half-automated watering system the others are doing a laborious and manual watering of the farm


We want to test and inrtoduce ethodhes which is saving water and helps the arising problem of water shortages 








Water und Sprituality


Water has a unique ability. It can store in it its environment.


The spoken word has an influence on Humans, Animals and the growth of plants.


Amazing tests in this field by the late Dr. Masaru Emoto in Tokyo.