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Na Mobay is a spiritual- social – ecological learning centre with the focus of agriculture, developing and sharing information, creating harmonic living spaces and basic healthcare and health knowledge.


We are looking forward to creating a self-sustainable loving and caring concept, which includes

  • own grown food
  •  own electricity (solar)
  • own fresh water supply from a well
  • self-made products which are created within Na Mobay


We bring forth divine knowledge, overstanding and wisdom to anyone who visit Na Mobay



Love is the first priority of this concept



Everyone is welcome to Na Mobay and to share all different knowledge, wisdom and overstanding with us.



Na Mobay is based on a come together of the people who have the desire to freely give and contribute



This concept doesn´t include any profit of money




ALL resources, knowledge, wisdom and divine overstanding given to Na Mobay will be distributed to the wellbeing of the people in Africa and everybody around in the World